Want a steady (and predictable) stream of highly qualified leads?

“I need to...
  • grow my email list by thousands quickly. 
  • get people on my live or automated webinar
  • promote my launch -- and it has to be big!”

Sound like you?

This option’s your best bet then.

Month after month, my done-for-you clients watch their lists and profits grow by leaps and bounds. They get more sales calls with qualified leads, registrants for their webinars, and buyers for their services -- resulting in millions of dollars of new revenue.

AND, if you run automated webinars, you're in luck! Ninety percent of my clients run automated webinars, so this is a system I am extremely well versed in (and not many other FB experts are). Running ads to automated webinars is a whole other animal and if you hire someone who doesn't specialize in this specifically, you will quickly lose money and regret that decision. 



I’ve got this.

It’s what I love to do...

Create custom ads that speak clearly and irresistibly to your exact audience, help build your brand, and offer you eyepopping ROI.

I take care of the whole shebang:

  • Crafting compelling copy
  • Designing can’t-look-away images
  • Setting up and managing your ad in the power editor
  • Reviewing your landing pages to make sure Facebook will OK them (If a page isn’t compliant, the ad driving to it won’t be approved)
  • Spot-on targeting to attract your exact, hot-to-buy audience
  • Developing a complete ad strategy for your sales funnel, upcoming webinar, launch or list-building promotion
  • Daily reporting to show you how your ads are performing (check or ignore as you please)
  • Constant tweaking and testing to get you the best cost per conversion
  • A completely worry-free, go-play-while-I-handle-this experience. (Shoo!)

Your Investment:

Starting at $5,000 USD per month.

Let's discuss. Book your free 15-minute consultation:

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