What if your Facebook ads could be up to 75% more profitable with a few key tweaks?

This ultimate check-up and fix-up shows you if your ads are leaving money on the table, and how you can reverse it fast.

I know, you’ve invested a lot in Facebook. You’ve poured your hard-earned money, time, creativity, and hopes into Facebook Ads....and you want to make sure you’re getting the BEST return on your investment. After all, you’re relying on them to grow your business. So it’s scary when things don’t go the way you thought it would. You see the money going out, but you don’t see the leads and clients flowing back in the way you’d hoped for.

Is there a hole? Several?

Can they be patched up?

The answer is yes

You may still be managing your own ads or have a VA doing them. And even though you’re doing OK -- neither one of you are true experts in this area. You can’t help but wonder if you could be squeezing even more out of this puppy.

The thing is, to have successful, profitable ads, you need way more than someone who’s a good “technician” that just clicks the boxes and sets up your ads.

You need someone who understands how to actually turn those clicks into clients. Someone who can analyze your whole funnel and pinpoint problem areas.

(It may be your ad copy, images, targeting, landing page, webinar registration set-up or something further down the line in your marketing funnel).

Are you wondering...

“How much revenue are my Facebook Ads regularly leaving on the table?”

Time to bring me in and
make sure it’s ZERO.

you need my

Facebook Ads Audit

The first time I did this for a client, her jaw dropped. And then her Facebook ad profits went up by 75%.

This client had hired a Facebook Ads expert who’s a known, go-to pro for top, top, clients with multi-million-dollar businesses.

Her ads looked great. But they weren’t working.

She was spending tens of thousands of dollars a month -- and seeing painfully little in return.

I looked over her ads, and saw several reasons why, right away. So I put together a quick video to walk her through exactly what she could do to fix them.

After she watched the video review I sent her, she called me to say her mind was blown. In fact, she shared it with her whole team.

After implementing the changes...

She went from paying 10-17 dollars per lead (ouch)

to 1-3 dollars per lead.

In less than 72 hours.

And she’s not alone.

Another client came to me because his automated webinar wasn’t getting enough leads -- no matter how much he increased his ad spend and tried to scale.

In less than an hour, I identified 2 easy-to-miss places his marketing sequence was falling short (and lowering his webinar show-up rate). He made the necessary fixes.

Within a couple of days, his webinar attendance doubled…
...Translating into nearly a 100% bump in strategy sessions booked —without him spending a single extra penny on his ads.

This is what I do all day, every day.

Business owners come to me stressed out and maxed out (“I paid 30 bucks for one measly webinar signup”), I take a look, and I fix the problem -- to the tune of increased signups, sales, and profits.

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What results could you start seeing

If your ads worked better?

With this powerful, quick-turnaround service, you’ll quickly find out. In fact, implement my recommended improvements, and you can see results in a matter of days.

Here’s how the Facebook Ads Audit works:

30-minute intro call where I find out:

  • What you need FB Ads to do for you (get webinar signups, grow your email list, drive traffic to your site).
  • What results you’re getting, vs what results you hoped for.
  • Your big, dream goals -- in terms of growth, profits, and impact

Video review (I record it, you watch it and implement it) where...

  • I’ll spend an afternoon going through all your past and current ads and pinpoint mistakes you’re making that’s costing you money, from your ad copy to your targeting to your landing page (and other sneaky little trouble spots).
  • What you’re doing right, that you should do lots more of.
  • Simple steps to bring you better-quality leads at a way lower cost.
  • An easy-to-implement, “here’s what to do next” plan...that works fast.

60-minute follow up call

Where you, (and your team), ask me any questions so you know exactly how to follow through, get swift results, and make this service pay for itself many times over.

Your One-Time Investment: $1800

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Ready to stop pouring money

down the drain?

Ready to crack the facebook code and milk that baby for all its beautiful, cash-generating worth?

This is your answer.

You can purchase and book your Facebook Ads Audit right here:

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What if I don’t have anything for you to audit? I want to use Facebook ads and need help setting them up.

That’s what my DIY course, Clicks Into Clients, is for. It shows you step-by-step exactly how to set up successful Facebook Ads campaigns. Click here to learn more. 

Can I share the Audit video with my team?

Absolutely. I recommend it. In fact, your team can sit in on the calls. And if someone other than you is managing your ads and/or funnel, you should definitely have them hop on with us. We’ll jump on Skype together, share screens, brainstorm, the works.

I already know I want to hire you to help with my ads. Can we skip the Audit and just get right to working together?

The audit is Phase 1 of us working together. And you wouldn’t want to miss it. From this Audit, we’ll figure out exactly how to move forward.

What happens after the Audit if I want to keep working with you?

I love working with long-term, one-on-one clients. After the Audit, we’ll have a conversation about what level of support you need and go over all your options. You choose what works best for you.

How long do I have to wait for my Audit if I buy now? Can we do it ASAP?

I know you want to start getting better returns from your Facebook ads like, yesterday! For this reason, I only take on 5 Audit clients a month to make sure I can deliver a quick turnaround. We’ll get started within 5-7 days of you booking, if not sooner.

I have more questions. How can I get them answered?

I want you to be 100% confident about jumping into this Audit. If you have questions, shoot a message here.

Ready to book?

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