7 Ideas for Marketing on a Limited Budget That Actually Work

If you’re working with a small budget and looking to get the most out of your dollars, check out these FREE and very low cost marketing ideas.

#1 — Offer an Astonishing Guarantee
When you know what you’re offering will help others, and you are confident in that, you should offer a really great guarantee. This will help remove the risk factor for people who may be not be completely convinced yet that you will deliver what you’ve promised. Offering a money-back guarantee is always powerful.

#2 — Social Media
Social Media is here to stay and is the future of marketing whether you like it or not. It MUST be included in your marketing plan, and for most businesses, it should be what you’re focusing on most.

#3 — eBook
Publishing an eBook is simple and cheap. No need to fork out thousands of dollars or try and get picked up by a national publishing company. Put together a simple 10-30 page book teaching about a specific topic you specialize in. Don’t give away ALL your secrets, but definitely provide value.

#4 — Webinar
Doing a free webinar not only allows you to prove you know what you’re talking about, it’s more personal than an eBook and is a great tool for building your email list.

#5 — Video Marketing
Our phones are so advanced now, that you have no excuse to not be doing video marketing. You will see video marketing becoming more and more popular. Start using it now before the market gets heavily saturated with video. (For more sales or promo videos though, hire an expert)

#6 — Email Marketing
Email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. It’s also very affordable. To maximize your email marketing, you MUST have a catchy headline and always be growing your list. HINT: If you don’t have an opt in box on your website, you are losing business. Get one ASAP.

#7 — Be a Guest Blogger
Connect with bloggers who have a similar target audience and whose focus matches your niche.  You can find guest blogging opportunities simply by doing a Google search for “be a guest blogger”… there you can find people who are looking for people to write for their blogs.

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