“Wait — can’t I just have my VA set up my ads?”

Oh, dear. No. This is where so many business owners go wrong. Yes, anyone with decent online skills can watch a webinar, then click some boxes and set up a campaign. But even if your VA is incredibly smart, Facebook ads require specific, deep know-how to get on point.

You could do it yourself -- if you have the months of extra time and advertising savvy to figure it out. (And you could probably become a car mechanic too while you’re at it. Or rewire the audio system in your house!)

But you’re smarter than that. You know that’s not where you should be spending your time.

You’ve got your genius.

So how about you focus on that…


...And let someone whose genius is in creating facebook ads focus on that.

Specifically, someone who’s a Facebook Ad Triple Threat.


Someone who:

1. Lives, eats and breathes Facebook. We all know how fast Facebook changes. (Faster than a teenage girl changes clothes.) Do you have time to keep up with what works now? Of course you don’t, if you want to focus on your own zone of genius: speaking on stage, serving coaching clients, knitting onesies. I keep up with all things Facebook so you don’t have to.


2. Knows advertising. Before I started and sold my own successful parenting magazine, I worked at an advertising agency. I worked with Palmer’s Chocolate (they make all those yummy Easter Bunnies), NASCAR, Subaru, and other huge brands. Advertising is in my blood, and copy and graphic design are in my zone of genius.


3. Understands how marketing funnels work. That’s what separates me from other Facebook Ad experts. See, anyone can check off the boxes and set up Facebook ads. But when conversions aren’t happening and results aren’t going as expected, you need someone who can diagnose the exact problem. To create ads that flood your bank account, your whole funnel must be dialed in. I can diagnose where your funnel is leaking money, and help you patch it up for maximum ROI.


So who’s that someone? A Facebook Ad Triple Threat?


Me, of course!

Want your ads done for you by someone who knows what they're doing -- so you can do what you do best? 


Click here to work with me and my team.


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I have been using Facebook Ads since 2010, have a following over over 100,000 on Facebook and have been buying traffic online since 2003. My business grew to the point where I needed someone to help me take care of my Facebook Ads so I could focus on working with my clients. Since hiring Adrienne and getting her to take over my Facebook Ads I've had a record year and am looking to double my business again this year. My ads on Facebook have never done better and my conversions have never been better. Adrienne took my campaign to levels of profitability that I never knew was possible. Working with her has been one of the best investments I've ever made in my business since 2003.

JASON NYBACK | www.jasonnyback.com

Want to know more about me?

My clients love that I combine advertising and marketing chops with swift, fearless decision-making and a knack for rolling up my sleeves and saying, “You relax. I’ve got this.”


Where does all that come from? Here’s the story.


I might be the only social media expert who can also deliver a baby in the back of a moving vehicle.

I graduated high school a year early — at just 17 years old — and joined the United States Air Force, where I served for 7 years as a paramedic.

In addition to delivering babies on floors and in ambulances, I’ve saved countless lives with CPR, sewn up gaping wounds, and tackled people who were DWHABN: Driving While High and Butt-Naked.

(Emergency changes to your sponsored post? Pppphhht. Piece of cake.)


Leaving the Air Force to pursue a biology degree with plans to become an emergency medicine physician, I found that the science and math stuff wasn’t in my wheelhouse, to say the least.

E.R. dreams crushed, I switched to something more in line with my natural gifts, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Rowan University, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Landing a job at a PR and advertising agency in Philadelphia, I worked with top-line clients like Palmer’s Chocolate, NASCAR, Subaru, and The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

But, just when I was ready to start a family, my job laid me off!

Switching Tracks


And going glossy

I don’t believe in accidents, and knew there was some God-given reason for this layoff. OK then, GAME ON.

While pregnant with my son, Kayden, I decided to start a monthly regional parenting magazine called South Jersey MOM.

My story had a new and exciting chapter: Mompreneur


I launched the magazine in January 2007, despite having a 9-month old baby and a serious bout with postpartum depression.

The ambitious first issue of my full-color, glossy magazine rolled off the presses with 10,000 copies – and just ONE paying advertiser!

Cut to four years later: By 2011, using my hustle-bustle marketing skills, I’d grown the distribution to seven South Jersey counties and the advertising sales to over $250,000 annually.

I sold the magazine, now a hot property, so I could spend more quality time with my husband, son and new daughter. I spent two wonderful years homeschooling my children.

I knew that when the time was right, I would start another business using all my extensive experience and training in social media, marketing and public relations.

In 2013, I did just that and returned to my passion: Helping people like you grow their business and achieve their dreams!
Nicole Keating Headshot

Working with Adrienne on Facebook Ads was amazing! She is very clear about expectations and exceeds them!

She is an excellent communicator and has great visual sense. She takes responsibility for ensuring your ads are working and converting well before she leaves your side. I felt very taken care of with Adrienne. Not only is she a pro at the execution but she is a patient and super competent teacher if you want to take on ad creation yourself!

NICOLE KEATING | theartofepicwellness.com


I may be a military gal, but my weapon of choice? Facebook.

Never before in history have business owners had access to such an affordable, powerful and effective way to get more customers.

With just a few dollars a day, you can connect with your EXACT target audience, engage with them and CONVERT them to CLIENTS. I absolutely LOVE Facebook and have had major success using it to not only to grow my business, but that of all my clients.

I’d love to do the same for you!

I get that your business is like your baby. Well, now you know you’re in caring, capable hands.

Let me apply my proven skills to pumping up your profits.

Ready to get started?

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While working with Adrienne, I received the same amount of subscribers in ONE DAY as I had the entire week running an ad I did myself.

Before I began working with Adrienne, I had put together my own ad that was marginally successful. I received very few subscribers from my email list throughout the week my ad ran. During my sessions with her, she walked me step-by-step through targeting, budgeting and reporting so that when I ran another ad, I’d know how to create it, target it and adjust it if need be. The second time I ran an ad, I received the same amount of subscribers in ONE DAY as I had the entire week running my first ad! She’s amazing and always willing to help with any questions you may have about Facebook Ads. Because of her knowledge and help, I’ve been able to run successful ads for my business, as well as for my clients’ businesses. I’m a happy camper!

SAMANTHA CANGELOSIwww.sm-connections.com

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