Skip the months of confusing, overwhelming Facebook ad trainings...

In under 3 hours you could be running your first profitable Facebook ad.

You know Facebook ads are the best way to boost your business.

You’ve seen colleagues who were at your level, zoom ahead of you in visibility, credibility and cash-bucks -- all thanks to a few eye-catching ads.

...And either you’ve...


Tried yourself and blown a wad of money -- and you still can’t figure out how to make your ads work;


Bought one or two Facebook ads courses and learned a bunch of theory, but you’re still at a loss as to what steps to take to get clients or sales;



Been flat-out terrified to get started, thanks to all the horror stories you’ve heard about ineffective ads putting people in the poor house.

Whether it’s A, B or C, it’s not your fault...

Most of the information out about Facebook ads is from well-meaning people who had success with a few ads they did for themselves, were asked how they did it, and decided to package that advice as a course and sell it. The problem: a few successful ads don’t make you an expert.
The two biggest keys with ads are the targeting and the message. Without the right guidance (or phenomenal luck), it’s nearly impossible to craft a perfectly compelling message and put it in front of the exact right people you need to attract. Writing copy for ads is WAY DIFFERENT than any other marketing copy. In other words, winging it doesn’t work.
Most Important Fact

Here are just a handful of my clients

Russ Ruffino

Russ Ruffino

Emily Williams

Emily Williams

Jenn Scalia

Jenn Scalia

Selena Soo

Selena Soo


Most people are happy to double their money;

Some brag about “3x-ing” their money.

It’s not unusual for my clients to 17x their money.


But you don’t need to be an ad expert like me to make a killing -- in income and impact -- from Facebook ads.

You don’t even need to be my private client.

You simply need to know JUST ENOUGH super-specific steps to set up exactly the kind of ad you need RIGHT NOW.

“RIGHT NOW” sounds pretty good, right?
Right now means that in just a few hours, you’ll know exactly how I set up ads for my 7-figure clients, and how you can set up yours the same way. Right now means that if you implement this today, you could wake up tomorrow morning and have a slew of new leads on your list, new sign-ups for your webinar, or, best of all, new payment notifications in your inbox.
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Your program has helped me tremendously! I actually feel like I know what I’m doing now!

Whenever I run ads, even if its just a boost I get 100’s added to my email list at a time. The program is easy to follow and you make it easy to understand for those of us who don’t know all the computer terms. This program has helped to grow my business in a big way!


Sound Good


In a nutshell: 4 videos that’ll have your first successful ad campaign up and less time than it takes to watch your favorite movie on Netflix.

Video #1: Getting Started (the right way)

In this video, we will cover everything you need to know BEFORE creating your first ad, so you can have success right out the gate. We’ll discuss your audience, your message and even your landing pages (this is where 99% of advertisers make their mistakes).


Video #2: Create Attention-Grabbing Images

This quick tutorial shows you clickby-click how to make beautiful, professional looking ad images, without hiring a graphic designer. Your image is just as important as your text for getting your audience to pay attention and click.


Video #3: Cracking the Code to Power Editor

We’ll go click-by-click through the Power Editor and set up your ad. Don’t worry, even though Power Editor may seem like a scary monster, it’s the key to successful ads. I promise to make it so easy, even your sweet, 80-year-old grandma can do it.


Video #4: Reading Stats and Improving

Facebook gives you TONS of data on your ads, which is nice... but all those numbers can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to interpret them. I’ll show you what numbers to look at to determine how your ad is performing so you know whether to keep that ad running, or if it needs some tweaks and adjustments.

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i have gone from knowing very little about facebook ads to being fascinated with the topic

I had been following some of the big names in the Facebook space for some time, but Adrienne was the first who inspired me to actually buy their course. I am glad I did. Clicks into Clients is easy to follow and sticks to the point - getting you started with Facebook Ads. No unnecessary fluff. I have gone from knowing very little about Facebook Ads to being fascinated with the topic. Adrienne is a sought after guest expert and I follow her appearances because she gives such amazing value. Clicks into Client enabled me to get a flavour of her first hand. Her training tips have helped me to avoid losing money by making me aware of some common rookie mistakes.

GEORGETTE ROWLAND OSBORNE Financial Gym for Business

Your Investment

Normally, this class sells for $197, but for a limited time, you can snatch it up for just $97!

You could waste way, way more than $97 and a bajillion precious hours just testing one single campaign on your own without getting any results… OR you can use that same $97 to do this the RIGHT WAY, from the very beginning, to the tune of unlimited returns. (My favorite tune of all!) So what are you waiting for?
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Clicks into Clients is an excellent introductory course to Facebook ads. The video content is easy to consume and even faster to put into action. In it, Adrienne also provides some really helpful benchmarks and tips that will give students the kind of insight that comes only after running big ad budgets.

WAHIDA LAKHANI Digital in the City

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This was the best business investment I could ever have made

I’ve bought every course on Facebook advertising out there… Every guru advising a different approach, one that would promise a rapid return on investment and a hefty profit for every dollar I’d spend.

Enthusiastically, I’d apply these “insider” advertising tactics, hoping “this it is!” - THE solution that would turn my advertising campaigns around from hearing crickets to an avalanche of new leads and customers. Unfortunately all I got was a dismal response from my campaigns - even though I was following the guru’s advice by the book. It was as good as throwing money on a fire.

Frustrated, and with a rapidly decreasing ad budget, I decided enough was enough. I did some research on who was the best in the business legitimately. Who were some of the most successful online entrepreneurs hiring to provide their advertising solution?

A name that came up constantly, was Adrienne Richardson. Someone with a real pedigree and experience in the advertising world. When I saw what kind of results Adrienne’s clients were getting under her guidance, I didn’t hesitate to invest. Adrienne’s FB advertising course lays it out step by step EXACTLY how you should be setting up your ad campaigns for success. I had so many “A-HA” moments and revelations. The seemingly smallest tip and subtle tweak would result in a great response to my advertising.

This was the best business investment I could ever have made. Imagine if ​I​ had continued down the same frustrating path, blowing my ad budget month after month, digging a deeper hole. Investing in Adrienne’s program put an end to that. I was able to stop the confusion and overwhelm, and finally achieve responsive & profitable Facebook campaigns thanks to Adrienne. Higher click through rates - lower cost - higher profit. That’s what Adrienne delivers.

LEE HADDEN  Hadden Bespoke Fitness
Consultancy Ltd.,

Money Back Guarantee

You get a full 30 days to set up your ads and watch your list grow, get more people on your webinars and increase your visibility.

And if for some strange reason you’re not happy with the training or the results you get, just contact customer service for a prompt and courteous refund.

I put my reputation behind every product I offer, and this one is no different. Get the class and put it into action and prove for yourself that what I teach really works. If it doesn’t, you get your money back. It’s that simple.

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