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Adrienne is single-handedly responsible for generating all the sales call leads for my high-ticket program. Over the last three years, the leads she’s generated have produced over $17,000,000 in sales. Best part? I don’t have to deal with Facebook. Doing all the work of setting up ad campaigns makes me want to throw my computer out the window. I just want to see leads coming in and strategy sessions getting booked.

RUSS RUFFINO | Founder, Clients on Demand University

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Adrienne helped me triple my list and increase my sales by 8000%!

Every day, 100+ incredible ideal clients "discover" me through my Facebook ads. I cannot thank Adrienne enough for helping me triple my list and increase my sales by 8000% in a matter of months. Her support and expertise means that I can travel, live the life I’ve always wanted, and give my clients the attention they deserve without worrying about marketing and building my list like I used to. Facebook ads are my 24/7 lead generation machine! Not only that, they have helped position me as a go-to expert and top coach in my industry, generating over $1,000,000 in my first 18 months of business! Woo hoo!

EMILY WILLIAMS | Success Coach,

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Our list grew to almost 300,000 people in 6 months....and generated 400% return on ad spend

Adrienne has been managing our Facebook ad campaigns since we first started our blog six months ago. In this short period of time, our subscriber list grew to almost 300,000 people. And, our first webinar generated a 400% return on ad spend. Adrienne brings peace of mind to our team, assuring that our Facebook ad campaigns are successful and run on time. She is also mindful about our ad budget and adjusts our campaigns to give us the best ROI. We highly recommend Adrienne’s work.

ROSANE OLIVEIRA | University of California, Integrative Nutrition Dept.

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My list grew by 1,500 in less than two months!

Adrienne is a rockstar at lead generation and the only person I trust and recommend for Facebook ads. In addition to helping me consistently bring in new paying members into my membership site for less than $2 a lead, Adrienne has also helped me have a six figure launch and a $40K affiliate campaign. In this expert/coaching space that is getting increasing competitive with every day that passes, Adrienne knows exactly how to stay ahead of the curve and target the right audiences to get results.

JENN SCALIA | Business Mentor and Visibility Strategist


She took my cost per lead down from a sky-high $10 to just 80 cents.

When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to spend a fortune on Facebook ads and not see any results. That’s why I hired Adrienne to run my Facebook ads! She took my cost per lead down from a sky-high $10 to $0.80, allowing me to budget more for my campaign. Thanks to her, I can now reach tens of thousands more people, who are ideal clients for my programs, at a small fraction of what I used to pay.


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I have been using Facebook Ads since 2010, have a following over over 100,000 on Facebook and have been buying traffic online since 2003. My business grew to the point where I needed someone to help me take care of my Facebook Ads so I could focus on working with my clients. Since hiring Adrienne and getting her to take over my Facebook Ads I've had a record year and am looking to double my business again this year. My ads on Facebook have never done better and my conversions have never been better. Adrienne took my campaign to levels of profitability that I never knew was possible. Working with her has been one of the best investments I've ever made in my business since 2003.


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600 new people onto my list in less than two weeks.

Adrienne came recommended to me as the go-to person to help me with my Facebook Advertising. From the moment we connected, I knew I was in great hands. She helped me find my audience, craft my message and create an advertising campaign that got 600 new people onto my list in less than two weeks. If you want to grow your business, have ideal clients knocking at your door and raise your profile, then Adrienne is the one to help you. Her experience and knowledge cannot be beaten and I recommend her to all my clients.


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A great asset to my business.

Adrienne has been a great asset to my business and assisting me with list building and lead generation. She has laser focus to strategically MAKE FACEBOOK ADS WORK! I am thankful for her guidance to both me and my team while I have grown my online business.


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While working with Adrienne, I received the same amount of subscribers in ONE DAY as I had the entire week running an ad I did myself.

Before I began working with Adrienne, I had put together my own ad that was marginally successful. I received very few subscribers from my email list throughout the week my ad ran. During my sessions with her, she walked me step-by-step through targeting, budgeting and reporting so that when I ran another ad, I’d know how to create it, target it and adjust it if need be. The second time I ran an ad, I received the same amount of subscribers in ONE DAY as I had the entire week running my first ad! She’s amazing and always willing to help with any questions you may have about Facebook Ads. Because of her knowledge and help, I’ve been able to run successful ads for my business, as well as for my clients’ businesses. I’m a happy camper!.


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Work with Adrienne if you want the best.

Adrienne is THE woman you need to work with if you want to be successful with Facebook marketing and advertising. She is absolutely the BEST when it comes to her experience and advice. She is on top of exactly what's working with Facebook and her experience spans across a range of industries. If you need help with your marketing, I highly recommend working with her.


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My Facebook ads are now converting into sales.

Adrienne made Facebook ads easy. I was a complete newbie and completely confused on what to do. I created some test ads, but didn't know if they were good or not. Within 40 minutes, Adrienne easily, but thoroughly, broke down what I was doing wrong, gave suggestions for what I should do next and things that I should test. She gave me all of the tools I needed for success using Facebook ads. My Facebook ads are now converting into sales. It was so easy, I can't believe I was so afraid to try them.


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It's hard not to get results after working with Adrienne.

Adrienne has been a great help for my business. I knew Facebook was the #1 best way to find clients, and thanks to her help, it became so much easier than when I was trying to do ads myself. Adrienne truly understands how Facebook Ads work and she explains things in a very easy way. It's hard not to get results after working with her.

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Right away I saw increased revenue in my bank account and a growing email list.

With Adrienne’s guidance, I was able to create six Facebook ads and she also showed me the analytics, pointing out why my previous ads were not successful. She also gave me suggestions for my follow up email marketing campaign sequences. The result of this was revenue right away in my bank account, increased activity on my Facebook business page, and a growing email list. Best of all, she helped me create a blueprint for all other events and programs for me to follow. She was truly interested in my success and offered additional support when I had questions. I would say to anyone struggling with their Facebook marketing, they should work with Adrienne Richardson! The investment is well worth it.


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I felt very taken care of with Adrienne.

Working with Adrienne on Facebook Ads was amazing! She is very clear about expectations and exceeds them! She is an excellent communicator and has great visual sense. She takes responsibility for ensuring your ads are working and converting well before she leaves your side. I felt very taken care of with Adrienne. Not only is she a pro at the execution but she is a patient and super competent teacher if you want to take on ad creation yourself

NICOLE KEATING | The Art of Epic Wellness

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I’ve added 500 quality leads to my list in one month and contracted with up 3 new high end clients!

Since working with Adrienne, I’ve added 500 quality leads to my list in one month and contracted with up 3 new high end clients! Working with her was one of the best business decisions I made for my consulting business


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I got over 600 new subscribers for just $1.25 each!

When I came to Adrienne, I didn’t know anything about starting Facebook ads. Within one meeting, she helped me edit my copy, setup my ad, and guided me on how to build a high-converting opt-in page. My first ad converted at 40%, double the percentage of what Facebook considers excellent conversion. I added over 600 new subscribers to my email list in less than 1 month through my Facebook ads, and only spent $20 a day ($1.25 per lead)! Given my industry is one that’s known to be extremely hard to get approved for Facebook ads due to their strict policies, my high-converting ads were even more amazing!


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