The Power of Facebook Ads

The Power of Facebook Ads

If you’re reading this email, there’s a STRONG chance you’re using Facebook Ads… or are at least interested in trying them. You know they are a powerful tool for building your email list, filling your webinars, driving traffic to your website and they can even be used to help build your “tribe.”

I thought I’d change things up a bit today and share with you three short and quick case studies. These 3 case studies are from my three top clients… each using Facebook Ads in a different way… and achieving out-of-this world results. Let’s jump right in:


Russ and I have been working together now for a little over a year. I’m an integral part of his team and absolutely love working with him. Russ owns a company called Clients on Demand ( where he teaches coaches how to sell high ticket services/programs.

Ninety-nine percent of people have never heard of him before purchasing his program. He doesn’t have a big fancy website… he doesn’t blog regularly… he hardly ever posts to his Facebook page… yet he brings in about $200,000 to $300,000 a month in sales.

I’m single handedly responsible for bringing in every single lead to his business. We spend about $30,000 a month on ads… which, as I mentioned, generates multiple six-figures a month in revenue. So how do we do this?

HERE’S THE STRATEGY: Facebook Ads to cold traffic –> Webinar –> Sales Call –> Sale

This entire process takes about 48 hours. So cold traffic — people who have NEVER heard of Russ or who aren’t familiar with him — watch a webinar and make a high-ticket purchase within 48 hours of watching that webinar. The Facebook Ads I do for him generate about 300+ sales calls per month… and he has a sales team that handles all those calls and makes the sales.

Spending $30k to make $300k is a MASSIVE return on investment: That’s the power of Facebook Ads.


Emily Williams is a business coach who teaches brand new coaches how to create a business and life they love. Emily, who recently turned 30, became a top coach in the industry in less than 1 year. When Emily first came to me, about a year ago, she hired me to coach her with her ads. We spent an hour together setting up her ads for a teleclass. She made $11,000 in sales from that one teleclass.

We continued to work together and as her business and sales increased, she transitioned from coaching with me, to hiring me to take over her ads and do them for her. This allowed her to focus more on her clients and not have to spend hours of her time managing her ads each week.

HERE’S THE STRATEGY: Facebook Ads to Cold Traffic –> Lead Magnet –> Email Marketing –> Sale

I run ads to Emily’s FREE 4-part video series. We add about 100-150 people per day to her email list and spend approximately £150-200 per day on the ads. She has several programs she has sold to her list over the last year via email marketing… ranging in price from £700 to £5,000…which has resulted in more than £500,000 in sales.

Spending £6,000 a month to generate over £500,000 in sales is a HUGE return on investment: That’s the power of Facebook Ads.


The University of California has a different strategy all together than the other two case studies I shared above. They are big picture thinkers with a long-term vision… and they are very patient. They are not interested in making sales immediately… they want to build a loyal tribe that’s eager to buy from them after they’ve warmed them up and built a relationship with them. The goal for U of C, is to provide products and programs to make switching to a whole foods, plant-based diet easier.

HERE’S THE STRATEGY: Facebook Ads to Cold Traffic –> Deliver Valuable Content via Blogs Post 3x per week –> Pixel the audience –> Retargeting ads –> Webinar –> Sale

Three times a week, U of C puts out a blog filled with valuable content. Usually the post includes some tips around a specific type of food, and then they include a recipe as well. We place a custom audience pixel on every single blog post so we can track which topics are getting the most interest. In less than 6 months, we pixeled over 3,000,000 people, spending only $10/day on the ads.

Just in case you’re not familiar with what “pixel” means — and why that’s uber valuable — a pixel is a piece of code we place on their website that tracks the people visiting the blog and remembers them for up to 180 days. Later, we can run ads to that audience, which is now a “warm” audience, because they have visited the site, read the blog and have started to trust them.

We promote their webinars to the warm audience, which converts like hot cakes. Typically, we’ll get webinar registrations for 50 cents or less.

During our latest campaign, a 21 Day Challenge, we spent $2,278 on ads (a portion of this was to cold traffic as well)… and got 4,268 opt ins for the challenge, 2,828 new followers to their page as a by-product of the ad, and added over 4,000 new people to their private Facebook Group.

It’s quite common for us to get a 400% OR MORE return on investment from the ad spend every time we do a webinar or challenge. Because this is a long-term strategy, which doesn’t result in immediate sales like the other 2 case studies I shared, I can’t give you an EXACT dollar amount for monthly revenue because much of what we are doing now, produces future sales.

Either way… a 400% return on investment is unbelievable: That’s the power of Facebook Ads.

Well I hope you enjoyed this short overview of the three ways you can use Facebook Ads to generate sales. There are sooooo many other options… but I promised to keep this short and sweet. I’d love for you to share in the comments below, the strategy YOU are using to generate sales from your Facebook Ads.


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